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Learn a new language.

Grow your own monster.

Chat in real-time about anything!

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Kokomonsters characters Koko, Boombear, Madbunny, Pricklelad and Gohanko is in the image.

How it works

Kokomonster offers a unique language learning experience for kids.


Get Your Monster

Pick your very own monster companion, and grow with it!


Daily Chats

Start a conversation about any topics with our superstar talking friends.

Conversation with koko: Can you tell me something about giraffe? The tongue of a giraffe is remarkably long, measuring up to 45cm in length! It is used to pluck leaves and grass from trees

Language Check-in

Track your development, and identify areas for improvement on your language journey.

Gohanko is at home, play with her!

Learn through caring,
Nurture loveable monsters.

Grow with your monster while learning a new language! Give your monster a snack and take it to a bubble bath, have fun playing with it and make it your best companion on missions to learn and excel!




Evolve through chatting,
Talk about anything!

Real-time chat with your monster about any topics! Tell Koko how your day goes, ask Boombear about blackholes, and have Gohanko tell you a bedtime story. Your monsters will always be there for you!

Engage in

Instant Reply

Talk to Koko!
Meet Boombear

Thematic Language Practice

Explore missions on each planet, unlock the magic and take on new challenges with your monster, practise language while having fun!

World of Lifestyle
World of Culture
World of Sports
World of Emotions

What Parents Say

"Kokomonster has been a game-changer for my daughter's language learning journey. She loves raising her virtual pet while learning a new language. Thank you, Kokomonster!"


Joao, Dad of two
Parents tell us about Kokomonster
"Since we started using Kokomonster, my son has been more engaged and motivated than ever before. I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a fun and effective way for their child to learn a new language."
Mother of one
Parents tell us about Kokomonster
"I love how easy it is to track my children progress and customise the app to his needs. Kokomonster has made language learning fun for both me and my children."

Mother of three
Parents tell us about Kokomonster

Who are we

We, the Kokomonster team, are a creative force spanning across Japan, Taiwan, and Hong Kong. Our passion lies in harnessing emerging technologies as the building blocks for the next generation of interactive experiences.


With playfulness, naivety, and sincerity at our core, we develop digital products specifically crafted for kids. Our mission is to create delightful and engaging experiences that capture the imagination of children. 


Through Kokomonster, we aim to spark joy, foster learning, and nurture a sense of wonder in young minds. Join us on this exciting adventure as we bring the magic of Kokomonster to life!

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