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Discover Japan: Learn Japanese through Festivals, Nature, Art & Delicacies


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About this Publication


"Discover Japan: Learn Japanese through Festivals, Art, Nature, and Delicacies" is a remarkable compilation that draws from the rich tapestry of content featured in the monthly magazine "Hiragana Times." This unique publication takes an insightful seasonal approach, mirroring Japan's four distinct seasons and the diverse cultural tapestry they have fostered. Presented in a bilingual format, with English and Japanese coexisting harmoniously, it offers a captivating glimpse into the unique allure of Japan, encompassing its vibrant festivals, rich artistic heritage, diverse culture, and delectable delicacies—all deeply rooted in the country's abundant natural beauty.


Hiragana Times was conceived to cater to the needs of Japanese learners, incorporating distinct features like furigana annotations alongside complex kanji characters and original words transcribed in foreign languages. This structurally sound blend of English and Japanese text, organized into cohesive paragraphs, has been perfected over the magazine's storied history since its inception in 1986. Furthermore, "Discover Japan" enhances the learning experience with audio support available in both Japanese and English.


Language and culture are inseparable facets of the same gem. Through the pages of "Discover Japan," readers embark on a journey of linguistic discovery while immersing themselves in the rich tapestry of Japanese culture, and vice versa. This volume also serves as a valuable resource for Japanese readers seeking to master English, as well as a means to share the depth of Japanese culture with the global community. We genuinely hope that our readers will find this publication indispensable in bridging intercultural communication gaps.

Discover Japan: Learn Japanese through Festivals, Nature, Art & Delicacies

SKU: HT-B-002-D
  • Discover Japan: Learn Japanese through Festivals, Nature, Art & Delicacies

    • Total no. of pages: 114
    • English & Japanese Bilingual
    • Supplemented by Furigana (Hiragana)
    • English & Japanese audio narration available

    Writer: Iwasaki Yumi 岩崎由美
    Editor: Taruishi Koji 樽石幸治
    Publisher: Hiragana Times, Inc.
    Proofreaders: Tateishi Saekoタテイシサエコ

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