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Exploring Japanese through Manga, 2023 Edition


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Available in Digital & Print version

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  • Print Version: $19.90
  • Print + Digital: $22.90


About this Publication


Since its inaugural edition in 1986, Hiragana Times is dedicated to creating a practical magazine tailored for non-Japanese individuals, offering a unique opportunity to learn the Japanese language while exploring the rich tapestry of Japan. Our engaging articles are thoughtfully crafted in both English and Japanese, complemented by furigana annotations for every kanji character and QR codes that provide access to professional narrations.


While Japanese is often perceived as a challenging language to master, we take pride in presenting a manga collection that not only facilitates language acquisition but also promises moments of laughter. As readers decipher the witty punchlines, you'll find great satisfaction in your journey as a Japanese learner. Our texts provide an invaluable window into the Japanese language and culture, allowing you to delve deeper into this fascinating world.


    Exploring Japanese through Manga (Print Version)

    SKU: HT-B-001
    • Exploring Japanese through Manga - 2023 Edition
      First published in 2019.

      • Total no. of pages: 110
      • English & Japanese Bilingual
      • Supplemented by Furigana (Hiragana)
      • English & Japanese audio narration available

      Writer: Katsuyuki Hasegawa
      Editor: Taruishi Koji
      Publisher: Hiragana Times, Inc.
      Narrator: Keiko Ono, Dominic Allen

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